Monday, November 5, 2007

I don't post on this blog very often, but here's the low-down, quick and dirty:

I'm still in school, it eats my head. I had two non-flowering plants tests last week, lecture and lab. We are moving from algae and the algae that love them and on into amphibious plants like liverworts. If I'm lucky, we'll get to ferns before the end of the semester.
Only a couple more labs to teach and I don't have to do the GTA thing. Woot!

My mundane life has been pretty...mundane. I don't have time for drama, so there's no drama to be had. My car had issues this morning, but it may just be a loose or leaky hose. Our Cavalier is paid off - WOOT! That's a car payment's worth of money that we can use for other things!

My spiritual life is at a nice dynamic equilibrium. The Gods seem to be at the worst not hindering my efforts at going along in life and at the best, helping me along. I'm still doing research on the Nine Woods - very interesting stuff that I may get to later.

That's about all that's fit to print. My husband totally made lasagna today. He has been the domestic dynamo since I've been back to school. Competence is sexy.