Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tired now.
My schedule is really kind of insane. I'm only taking two classes, but I teach four one day a week, two hour labs. My office hours, which I'm required to have, are all at gods' still havin' coffee in the morning because that's the only time I've got, really. Then I've got to find time to collect 50 or so species of trees (fortunately, they're relatively easy to catch compared to insects). Then there's the reading I've got to do and I've got to figure out this semester what my graduate project is to be.
I finally tracked down the butterfly guy and talked to him this afternoon and we had a little chat. So, this is progress.
This is not to mention household duties and other obligations.
Big deep breath... (inhales)
and out again - whoo!

I have discovered that many very smart PhD types exhibit varying degrees of confusion and awe when confronted with the fabric arts. "I could never do anything like that!" says a guy that can identify a species by common name, latin name, and what it's mamma calls it. "Wow, that's really hard!" says a guy that can amplify, chop up, and analyze DNA. Neither of these direct quotes, mind you, but it is interesting to see how scientists react when confronted with something completely out of their range of knowledge.
I'm not sure what kind of perspective this puts things into, but it's a different one.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm kind of feeling down today. I'm not discussing details here, but I could use some prayers for well-being. I start school tomorrow and that's part of the stress, but certainly not all of it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hey, guys!
Yeah, I've decided to move from LJ to Blogger - all my blogging needs in one convenient stop.
Yesterday was my birthday and I had a pretty fantastic day. The DH is out getting me presents as I type. Kadollan and I went out for lunch yesterday and then she went with me to the salon for many hairs cut.

Here are pictures.
Anyhow, after that (it took all afternoon) I went with big sweetie and little sweetie out to Plantation House for dinner with the Father-in-Law. MIL and Stepdad-in-Law didn't make it, but no wukkas. Here, then, is picspam of my birthday haircut. The lady in the picture is Theresa from The Catwalk salon (formerly Christenberry's, across from IHOP in the 'boro). The two feet or more of follicular goodness is being sent via snailmail to Locks of Love today. They need it more than I do. Despite my best efforts, I still ended up looking like my Mom. It can't be helped, really. She did contribute half my genetic information (I'm still way cuter, though).