Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Daily Show

I've become a regular reader of the Pantheon blog, partly because it helps me come up with topics for Wednesday night class when I'm stumped. Here recently, Star Foster, who runs the thing, proposed that we Pagans start a campaign to get Jason Pitzl-Waters on The Daily Show to counter and challenge David Barton, a recent guest on the program. I for one am all for it. I have my doubts that this campaign will actually work, but it's this kind of thing that gives me a little bit of hope for the future of Paganism. Any time that Pagans come together to do something positive, that's a good thing. Any time we decide to work together because we're more alike than not, that's a good thing.

This is why I love working in the Interfaith community. I love seeing all different kinds of people come together to do good things and I believe that this has been part of my calling as a priestess since very early on. When I was President of the Student Pagan Organization back in the late 90's, we held interfaith dinners and though it didn't really stick as an SPO tradition, the feeling of sharing food with others did stick with me. Last Saturday, I sat down with the Women of Faith and did the very same thing with my Muslim friends, Christian and Christian Scientist friends, UU friends, and fellow Pagans. It was a wonderful thing and I look forward to future picnics and events and whatever it is that we decide to do in the future. No matter where I go, I can hold this calling with me and follow where it leads. Losing the ability to do this kind of ecumenical work was one of my biggest fears as my professional path eventually leads me down PhD lane. I talked about the portability of my faith over on the Lace Maze blog and the conclusion I came to is that I can do this kind of thing wherever I go.

I love bringing people together and, to that end, am hoping that this recent endeavor to build a bricks-and-mortar community center takes off. It's not just my idea and I'm not the only one working to make it happen. Even this isn't going to always require my physical presence in order for me to support the effort.

We Pagans talk about community a lot, but it isn't often that we see something in the real world that reflects the way in which we are connected with our brothers and sisters. I want to make that happen. I think it's possible. I think this kind of thing can happen and that now is a good time to get these sorts of efforts started across the country.

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